Communicating at work

Lesson 3

3 minute video

What:  Video highlighting good (& bad) communication examples

When:  Now! First part of lesson 3.

Why: It is better to view others' mistakes than your own!

10-15 minute group discussion

What:  Can your group recall the 9 things to remember when communicating in the workplace? 

If not:  Watch the video again! 

15 minutes online activity

What:  Grammar Check! 

Question: Is the following correct?  Dos & Don'ts

Go to: and insert, Dos & Don'ts

Practice:  Enter sentences, copy & paste text, and let technology work for you!

10-15 minutes

What: Review your social media accounts.  

Question:  Are they grandma-approved?

Now What: Use this time to refresh and update your social media accounts so you can get the job you want!

Social Media Review

At least 15 minutes

What:  Create an account at

When: At the end of Lesson 3

Why: You need a 100% professional online presence.