Putting it all together

Lesson 5

Get ready!!!

What:  Review job interview tips from a recruiter

Why:  You will have a 15-minute interview that we will treat as the REAL DEAL, with REAL people who hire people

30 minutes of practice with an honest friend

What:  If you want the job, interviews should showcase your strengths!

When:  Before any interview, practice as much as possible.

Why:  Practicing, prepping, picking out the right clothes, and anticipating questions can make a difference in whether you land the job or not!

Who:  Find an honest friend or family member who can be an objective observer and give you honest feedback 

15 minutes per interview and 10 minutes Q&A

What:  A 15-minute interview with REAL people who hire people

When:  Pre-arranged date & time by your Adulting facilitator

Why:  Time to put you into action and receive immediate feedback

Who:  Local/Regional leaders who care about your success

Your Interview

At least 15 minutes for a quality reflection

otherwise don't waste your time 

What:  4 reflection questions

When: At the end of Lesson 5

Why: Reflection is how you internalize this lesson and make it all about you and your success

Who: Can be answered alone, but better with a group