Lesson 4

Generations in the Workplace

5 minutes from start to finish

When:  NOW!  Play and watch now!

Why:  You're worth this time.

Who:  This is for young adults, Generation Z, Millennials, Generation Y, Baby Boomers, ANYONE!

10 minutes to review & discuss in a group

What:  Review the characteristics of the different generations.

Why:  Because you only represent one generation, and your boss is likely from another generation, and your coworkers probably come from other generations.

5-10 minutes

What:  Easy game of online memory

Why:  Time to see how much you really know about the generations

10-20 minutes

What:  4 reflection questions

Why:  Reflection is how you internalize this lesson and make it all about you and your success.

Who:  Can be answered alone, but usually better with a group.