Lesson 1

Beginning the Adulting Journey

5 minutes from start to finish

When:  NOW!  Play and watch now!

What:  An intro video with built-in pauses for group discussion or personal reflection.

<Questions to Review During Video Link>

15 minutes & you should FOCUS!

When:  You have quiet time to reflect.

Why:  If you can't spend time on yourself, why should anyone else?

Who:  YOU!  Who else?

5-25 minutes to explore the web for jobs

What:  Websites to get you started on the job hunt

When:  24/7, the Internet is always open!

Why:  You need a job.

10-20 minutes

What:  Crossword Puzzle

Why:  You're ready to apply for a job, this crossword includes words you should use.

Who:  Someone developing a resume or preparing for a job interview.

2 minute read

5-10 minutes to reflect

What:  Let's examine a local perspective.

Why:  You're looking for a local job, you need to know what adults and employers are saying about your generation. Be the exception!

At least 15 minutes for a quality reflection

otherwise don't waste your time 

What:  4 reflection questions

Why:  Reflection is how you internalize this lesson and make it all about you and your success.

Who:  Can be answered alone, but usually better with a group.

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